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The perfect place

Photography is the art of seeing what seems invisible to the eyes of others. It is to see beyond physical eyes, to connect with the eyes of soul, and to immortalize a moment forever.”


“Through the lens eye we can suddenly find an unexpected soul”

Photography is another wonderful way of seeing the world that surrounds us and those things that we seek to catch across the lens. It allows us to interpret it by means of the senses, the composition and also it allows us to express ourselves. From the moment that everything changes and nothing remains equal never, then it is possible to say that it has the gift of retaining forever, an only moment in life, not only our own life but also that one that we photograph. If we add to those feelings that stimulate us to obtain an image, technicality, expressiveness and love for what we do, then magic suddenly happens in front of our eyes, we achieve to see what nobody else seems to have noticed and daily things are reflected in a different way.

And there I am, I cannot capture an image without a motive that moves me from deep down. The image would immediately reveal if it has been obtained without enthusiasm because it would not have life though technically it is perfect. A crime. Every photo must have a motive and this motive allows me to traverse the veil of my eyes to see those things I did not see just few minutes ago and the miracle takes place, a wonderful scene appears before my eyes and I must to hurry up because is noble but it does not wait, it only gives me a few seconds, I must be attentive, fast and precise, I cannot doubt or I will have lost it forever.

When a wonderful image surprise me in this way, I do not have time to measure the lighting or the angles of capture and there it is when my instinct emerge, an internal revolution moves all my body and I simply capture the image, one, two, three… and as many shots as possible, my quick aim allows me to capture that special look or pose while my keen eye allows me to capture the most spectacular and breath taking views, the conection between both of us takes place then suddenly goes away. It gave me scarcely an instant but this step let me keep its remembrance forever

The photography gave me agile eyes, taught me to see. – ” where is the beauty of what you talk about? “ I ask to my old teacher Joaquín, a wise man and excellent photographer, before my inability to see the aim that he shows me in an abandoned rose garden. ” There it is! – as he pointed out a few branches – do you see? There is a beautiful rose “. In effect, there was a beautiful one that I added here in my blog and which I titled ” Hidden beauty “. I needed no more lessons, he taught me everything and at last I learned.


                                                                           Hidden beauty


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